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80'S & 90'S Rock The Belle Cruise

feat. Dj KAOS & Dj Rob Mac

October 12, 2019 | 8PM

Belle of Louisville


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About Dj KAOS


 Outstandingly talented, spiritually gifted, and God favored – Dj KAOS is nothing short of amazing! From the moment his hands touch the turntables, to the second he places the last song in rotation, be prepared to experience a personal and melodic awakening. 

Born and raised in Louisville Kentucky, the birthplace of "The Greatest" Muhammed Ali, Dwight Chatman Jr., better know as Dj KAOS, began his career at the early age of ten. Admiring and mimicking DJ greats such as DJ Jazzy Jeff and DJ Kid Capri, Dj KAOS knew that being behind the Technics 1200’s turntables was where he was destined to be. After opening for various national acts and playing the club scene, faith and opportunity placed Dj KAOS in the path of "The Ruler.“ For the past decade, KAOS has been Slick Rick’s Music Director and touring DJ. Inspiring and motivating others is Dj KAOS’ passion. Playing music is his gift. Follow along as Dj KAOS takes you on a musical and uplifting journey. Much more to come from Dj KAOS.


Slick Rick The Ruler

 “Not only an excellent mix master, but a qualified studio engineer (echo and delay expert), gentleman, and a scholar. Fun, loyal, honest, and down to earth. A good brother, decent soul, and a good friend that I know is my guardian angel. DJ wise, no other cats can mess with DJ Kaos. Hands down he has got it on lock from the Bronx to Kentucky!" 

Chubb Rock

  "Some DJs have skills and some are  filled with personality. When it comes to my friend and brother, DJ Kaos, he possesses both of these incredible traits. When you add in his integrity, professionalism, and his desire to help his fellow human beings to uplift the genre of hip-hop, you have an incredible human being. His energy is always positive no matter what the circumstances.  I can't say enough good things about my brother. I’m just glad he is my brother.”      


"Kaos is my dude! It’s like we grew up digging through the same crates. I can relax knowing he’s got my back, feeling the crowd like I do and ready to take it to the next level with just a look!”  

The Rapper Entertainer Dana Dane

“DJ Kaos is a jewel on the turntables. A professional amongst professionals.”      got it on lock from the Bronx to Kentucky 

Yergan C. Jones, President, AEE Productions

“It was great working with DJ Kaos.! He rocked it out. In my 25 years of service with the 100 Black Men, DJ Kaos made their Grand Party a HUGE success.”  


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Lakeith Entertainment

Keith D. Pepper Sr., CEO


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